Jun Lin
Graphic Design
Jun is a multidisciplinary designer based in LA. Her work spans across brand identity, print, illustration and publication design. Open to any full-time and freelance opportunities. For inquiries, please contact hi@junlin.info

FORMAT—Brand Identity, Strategy, Print
Plantae—Font Design

An Ode to Normalcy
Poetry and Code

Spine—Publication and Research
Born Naked—Print, Editorial

Nonfiction—Brand Identity, Packaging

An Ode to Normalcy

Poetry and Code
With Dennis Phillips
HTML, CSS, Javascript

“An Ode to Normalcy” is performance poetry in digital space.

The prototype imagines a framework for messaging wherein key information (text) is self-censored in order to bypass censorship. Depending on which part of the world the user accesses the site, images are generated from a curated archive, forming narratives that highlight the voices of a regionally censored, silenced or oppressed cultural minority.

Through the digital performace of the work, the narrator imagines a society where s/he is finally integrated into the ‘norm’, briefly empowering the self through the subversion of power relations between the censor and the censored.