Jun Lin
Graphic Design
Jun is a multidisciplinary designer based in LA. Her work spans across brand identity, print, illustration and publication design. Open to any full-time and freelance opportunities. For inquiries, please contact hi@junlin.info

FORMAT—Brand Identity, Strategy, Print
Plantae—Font Design

An Ode to Normalcy
Poetry and Code

Spine—Publication and Research
Born Naked—Print, Editorial

Nonfiction—Brand Identity, Packaging

Visual Identity, Strategy, Print
With Sean Adams

A proposed publishing house specializing in experimental and conceptual publishing in the digital age. Publications in unconventional formats probe at the question of what makes a publication and creates new reading experiences, prompting readers to consider the relation between medium and message, form and content.

Publication Details:
11 in x 400 in, B/W Printing

The “Scroll” is an exploration of the idea of the infrathin (“inframince”), a concept coined by Duchamp that refers to the minute differences between experiences and perception.

The “Scoll” demonstrates the infrathin of Print performing the Web through a printed publication of FORMAT’s own website. Rolling out to 400 inches in length, the physical scroll amplifies the unique qualities of both print and digital reading experiences.