Jun Lin
Graphic Design
Jun is a multidisciplinary designer based in LA. Her work spans across brand identity, print, illustration and publication design. Open to any full-time and freelance opportunities. For inquiries, please contact hi@junlin.info

FORMAT—Brand Identity, Strategy, Print
Plantae—Font Design

An Ode to Normalcy
Poetry and Code

Spine—Publication and Research
Born Naked—Print, Editorial

Nonfiction—Brand Identity, Packaging


Publication and Research
Self-Initiated Project
With River Jukes-Hudson

Publication Details:
5 in x 10 in, 128 pages, B/W Laserjet 

Spine is a collection and deconstruction of book spine graphics sourced from three hundred titles, pulled off the shelves of a designer’s immediate surroundings (the ArtCenter College of Design Library, Studio ELLA, and the designer’s personal workspace).

Inspired by endless strolls through the campus library, the project began as a small personal collection, and grew into an exercise in extensive research and documentation.

Through a series of extracting, juxtaposing, close-cropping, and remixing, the publication pays tribute to the designers who have paid great attention to every component of the book.