Jun Lin
Graphic Design
Jun is a multidisciplinary designer based in LA. Her work spans across brand identity, print, illustration and publication design. Open to any full-time and freelance opportunities. For inquiries, please contact hi@junlin.info

FORMAT—Brand Identity, Strategy, Print
Plantae—Font Design

An Ode to Normalcy
Poetry and Code

Spine—Publication and Research
Born Naked—Print, Editorial

Nonfiction—Brand Identity, Packaging


Publication and Research
Self-Initiated Project
With River Jukes-Hudson

Publication Details:
5 in x 10 in, 128 pages, B/W Laserjet 

Spine is a collection and deconstruction of book spine graphics sourced from three hundred titles. The books are pulled off the shelves of my immediate surroundings (the ArtCenter College of Design Library, Studio ELLA, and my workspace).

Through a series of extractions, juxtapositions, close-crops, and remixes, the publication pays tribute to these graphics as well as the designers behind them.