Jun Lin is a graphic designer from Taiwan, currently working from LA. For more information, email hi@junlin.info. Résumé available here.

Brand Identity, Strategy, Print

A proposed publishing house specializing in experimental and conceptual publishing. Publications in unconventional formats aim to create new reading experiences for the reader. 

The imprint’s first publication ‘Scroll’ is a 33 ft long print reproduction of the publisher’s website. The scroll is an exploration of the idea of the infrathin (“inframince”), a concept coined by Duchamp that refers to the minute differences between experiences and perception; in this context, to demonstrate the differences between the digital and print reading experience.

Slow Forage

A collection of castaway visual explorations produced throughout my graduate thesis on code and steganography. Inspired by the works of artists Batia Suter, Amy Suo Wu and Mårten Lange, Slow Forage is an observation and interpretation of the potential poetic and symbolic meaning of the visual patterns that surround and communicate to us on a daily basis.

Font Design

With typographical references to Akzidenz Grotesk, Plantae is a grotesque font designed to balance rationality with softness and warmth.

Brand Identity, Packaging

Nonfiction is a new body/fragrance line launched in the fall of 2019 in Seoul, South Korea (nonfiction.kr). The line celebrates moments of inner discovery and one’s personal narrative. Work completed at With Projects. Role: Identity system and packaging designer.

Born Naked
Book, Editorial

A collection of essays, photographic works, and series of studies on human posture, the book addresses day-to-day manifestations of explicit and internalized misogyny, proposing a perspective on gender where the feminine and the masculine are not in direct opposition.

Graphic Design