Jun Lin is a graphic designer from Taiwan, currently working from LA. For more information, email hi@junlin.info. Résumé available here.

Brand Identity, Strategy, Print

A proposed publishing house specializing in experimental and conceptual publishing. Publications in unconventional formats aim to create new reading experiences for the reader. 

The imprint’s first publication ‘Scroll’ is a 33 ft long print reproduction of the publisher’s website. The scroll is an exploration of the idea of the infrathin (“inframince”), a concept coined by Duchamp that refers to the minute differences between experiences and perception; in this context, to demonstrate the differences between the digital and print reading experience.

Slow Forage

A collection of castaway visual explorations produced throughout my graduate thesis on code and steganography. The viewer may reference illustration to index by holding the poster against a light.

Font Design

With typographical references to Akzidenz Grotesk, Plantae is a grotesque font designed to balance rationality with softness and warmth.

Brand Identity, Packaging

Nonfiction is a new body/fragrance line launched in the fall of 2019 in Seoul, South Korea (nonfiction.kr). The line celebrates moments of inner discovery and one’s personal narrative. Work completed at With Projects. Role: Identity system and packaging designer.

Born Naked
Book, Editorial

A collection of essays, photographic works, and series of studies on human posture, the book addresses day-to-day manifestations of explicit and internalized misogyny, proposing a perspective on gender where the feminine and the masculine are not in direct opposition.

Graphic Design